Second Quarter Updates

We’ve got a lot of changes coming here at Riverbank Products.  I’ve been working on updating the website a lot lately.  As a matter of fact, aside from the new online storefront that was updated a couple of weeks ago, I’ve worked on updating the website virtually all day.  As soon as I got out of church this morning, I started working on updates.  It’s after 10:00pm as I write this.  Lots of stuff going on.

One of the main things changing is that we don’t want to just be another company selling outdoor products. We don’t want to compete with our other partners in the retail market.  I don’t think that retail is our strong point, but serving others is.

So, while we still sell various outdoor products, we’ve moved to more of a service related model.  There is nothing I like more than helping other people and thats always been our focus.  We’re just going to try to put supper on the table now instead of giving away everything we’ve been doing.  Its a necessary evil.

First, Videography has been a growing part of our business for some time now.  We’re continuing to grow in this area and have some cool things going on. We primarily focus on outdoor videography, but we can help you with all sorts of events. From filming your hunt to weddings or commercial projects like promotional videos or instructional videos, we can help.

Going hand in hand with the video work we’re already doing is photography work.  Our video work stemmed from a love photography that started years ago.  We’re working on upgrading some of our photography equipment to provide even better images for you.  You’ll be seeing more cool photos coming from us very soon.

As we try to serve people more and more, one of the things that we can provide is Product Development Consulting services. With over 10 years of product development and product management experience, we can help you turn you product ideas into reality.  We have the contacts and the knowledge to help.  You’ll see more information about this in coming posts but in the mean time, take a look around our site.  If you’d like help with your product or idea, let us know.

As we try to serve you, we’ll be making more blog posts about whats going on at Riverbank Products.   I want to keep you updated on things happening and other stuff in the outdoor industry.  I promise not all of our blog post will be as boring as this one, but you’ll see a lot more cool stuff too.

But right now, T.P. Outdoors Adventures is about to come on KNOE Channel 8.  Yall are missing out if you aren’t watching this show.  We’re squirrel hunting with some veterans in Arkansas.

Check out our website after the show.