Are Wild Hogs Taking Over Your Property or Your Dinner Plate?


Are Wild hogs Taking Over Your Property or Your Dinner Plate?

Bayed Up BBQ Rub by Riverbank Products will have your whole family Bayed Up come supper time.


El Dorado, AR (March 31st, 2013) – Feral hogs are a growing problem in much of the US.  The sport of hog hunting and trapping to control the population has grown right along with it.  But, what’s a man going to do with all that pork?

Thanks to Bayed Up BBQ Rub, a new seasoning blend from Riverbank Products, you’ll never have to ask such a silly question again.

“We wanted to help people eat well as we deal with the wild hog problem on our hands. So when life gives you pork, you make bbq.” said Chris Porter Owner of Riverbank Products. “After months of trials with Bayed Up BBQ Rub, and of course a lot of eating, we think we’ve created a bbq seasoning that complements the unique flavors of wild hog. I knew we had it right when I couldn’t get it off the smoker before the whole family was Bayed Up.”

Some people erroneously believe that all wild hogs are not fit to eat.  While that may be true the case of the biggest boar in the bottoms, most feral hogs are actually quite tasty.  Wild Hog also offers some potential health benefits when compared to other meats.  Specifically, wild hog has only 5.2 Grams of unsaturated fat when compared to farm raised pork at 22.5 grams and lower cholesterol than Pork, Beef or Chicken.

While Bayed Up BBQ Rub has been formulated for Wild Hog, It also makes a great seasoning for chicken, and other foods. Contact Riverbank Products for additional recommendations. Bayed Up BBQ Rub is packaged in 12 or 26oz bottles with flip-top, shake-and-spoon caps. Bayed Up BBQ Rub is available at select retailers or online at

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