Our Warriors Need Your Help

In a previous post, I talked about a lot of the work I’ve done with several different non-profit organizations over the last few years.  Giving back to others or “Paying It Forward” is so much better than receiving.  Not that receiving isn’t good as well.  If anyone wants to bake me some chocolate chip cookies, I can assure you that I won’t turn them down.  But, when you see the faces of those you are helping light up, it just warms your soul.   So as the saying goes, tis better to give than to receive.

One of the organizations that I’ve been the most involved with is Warrior Hunts.  Warrior Hunts is an offshoot of the North East Louisiana Veterans Association that is specifically dedicated to getting Americas warriors in the outdoors through hunting and fishing.  With the help of dedicated sponsors, the organization has helped make a significant difference in the lives of over 200 veterans during their three year tenure.

Several years ago when I first saw outdoor shows of veterans going on hunts, I thought “well thats a nice thing to do.”  After getting involved with Warrior Hunts and other organizations like it, I quickly realized that its more than just a nice way to say thanks.  As John Nolan Jr., the director of Warrior Hunts, says “when you combine nature and the presence of warriors, true therapy happens.”  Over the last two years that I’ve been involved with Warrior Hunts, I’ve seen that to be a true statement on numerous occasions.

I can give you numerous stories of people who have benefited from Warrior Hunts, but without their permission I won’t post that stuff online.

What I can tell you is that God is at work in Warrior Hunts.  I believe that getting our veterans outdoors does two things.  First, it gives them something to do in a safe environment.  I hear a lot of guys talk about the fact that they have a hard time getting around other people. Warrior Hunts and this type of organization gets veterans out and around other veterans.  There is a brotherhood that exists among military veterans and no matter what branch they served in, that bond breaks down walls when they get together.   The majority of the sponsors and hosts are more like family than corporate donors.  Although Warrior Hunts is a secular organization, the love of Christ is on abundant display at each event.  Its impossible to leave one of the hunts and not feel like someone cares.  Second, hunting is a primal activity that God ordained.  As he told Peter in Acts Chapter 10, “get up peter, kill and eat.”  The organized events tap into the adrenalin rush that we call buck fever.  They say that the adrenaline rush of combat is a high like no other.  I personally have no experience with that, but I do know what its like to have the hair stand up on the back of your neck when a turkey gobbles 20 yards behind you.  Warrior Hunts helps fill that void.  I’ve heard it said that the intensity level of the hunt is the closest thing there is to chasing a known enemy.  Therefore, the positive outcome of a deer hunt helps replace the negative feelings of war.  If you could bottle that it would be priceless.

It costs money to run an organization like Warrior Hunts.  They need your help.  If you can help Warrior Hunts in any way, contact Warrior Hunts at www.warriorhunts.com  or like their Facebook Page. Get involved and if you can, donate more than your time.  They could put your tax deductible donation to good use.

In the mean time, Check Out this Promo Video that I just finished for Warrior Hunts.