NightRunner Bulb Options

With the NightRunner series of lights, you have a few different bulb options to choose from. Here is a comparison of the different bulb options available in the NightRunner lights as well as our thought process in deciding which bulb to use.

First, if you want to save a little money on the front end, then the standard bulb is similar to most of the other spotlights on the market. It’s a great all around light like we’ve all used for years. However, you absolutely can’t beat the low power draw, brightness, ruggedness, and low operating temperature of LED technology.

The 8 degree (modified choke) has a similar beam pattern to a traditional hand held spot light. This is comparable to many of the “million” candle power lights out there. However, we don’t rate our lights on “candle power” Candle power can be grossly over exaggerated in terms of actual light output. Instead, we focus on lumens. If you only have one light, this is the light to use. It’s beam projects long distances, but is also wide enough to flood the surrounding area to navigate with.

The 2 degree (full choke) has a very tight beam pattern and projects long distances. It’s ideal for lighting a specific point at great distances. If you will be running more than one spotlight, this is a great addition. Or, If your boat has headlights such as those from Rigid Industries, Excel, SeeLite or some other homemade option, then using a 2 degree light helps on light things to the side of your boat such as a lost creek channel or slough that you need to find. It’s also fantastic for finding yoyo’s or Frogs along the Riverbank.

No matter what bulb you choose, all three bulb options are available in both the NightRunner 101 with trim controls or the NightRunner 102 without trim controls.  As always, our lights and our LED bulbs are MADE IN THE USA.  Hope this helps you narrow your decision.