EX-86 Frog Gigging Supplies

“And Aaron stretched out his hand over the waters of Egypt; and the frogs came up, and covered the land of Egypt.”

Exodus 8:6

We aren’t guaranteeing you’ll have the same level of success as Aaron did, but the EX-86 line of products will help you catch more frogs.

The EX-86 Frog Gigg


EX-86 Frog Gig

The EX-86 is designed to stop frogs in their tracks.  Four extra sharp, replaceable tines fit in our billet aluminum housing for a rock solid fit. The EX-86 Frog gig has a threaded base that fits on any extendable painter’s pole. (Not Supplied)  The pole can be collapsed to fit neatly in a boat or ATV.”You can’t even say bull frog without getting caught in this thing” – Brent Reaves, Outdoors Our Way


The EX-86 Frog Glove

EX-86 Frog Glove

EX-86 Frog Glove

When the competition gets hot, every frog counts.  Don’t let the big one get away because you couldn’t get a grip on that big ole toad.  EX-86 Frog Gloves help you get a grip on slippery frogs and protect your hands from warts and other hazards of frog giggin.  EX-86 gloves also work great for cleaning frogs too.Fishing more your thing? Our EX-86 gloves also work great for holding fish and help protect your hands from fish fins.