Product Development Consulting

With over 10 years of experience in product development/product management I’ve got the knowledge and contacts to help you get your product produced.  Whether its a new idea or improvements to an existing product, I can help you jump through the hurdles of getting your product produced.

Havoc-drawingsFrom basic concept to CAD drawings and a working prototype, all the way to a market ready product, I can help you all the way through.  Whether you are short staffed and just need extra help with your project, or if you already work a full time job and just need someone to manage your project for you.  Contact me about how Riverbank Products can help you.


  1. Contact us and provide a brief overview of your needs.
  2. Sign our Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement or provide your own for us to sign.  This guarantees that you will retain ownership of your ideas.  We aren’t here to steal your novel idea we just want to help.
  3. Meet with us to discuss in further detail the work required.


What others are saying.

More info on Chris’ experience on LinkedIn

“I have worked with Chris for a number of years. He always tries to build consensus. He is very goal oriented and always delivers what he promises. A pleasure to work with.” Mary Bogdan – Sr Principal Scientist at Honeywell


“I have worked with Chris for six years and he has consistently demonstrated intelligence, commitment, integrity and initiative. He is a very knowledgeable technical resource for business owners across the country and has also worked actively and effectively with industry associations. I have personally sought Chris’ counsel many times and felt very comfortable following his advice. I have great respect for Chris personally as well as professionally” Cam Shafer – Vice President – Business Development at Earthlinc, Inc


“Chris is a technical and code genius. He was my go to guy for any technical issues I had, his first hand experience in the spray foam business was invaluable. When no one else knew what to do Chris always had the answer. With Chris’s expertise and high ethical standards he is the foundation for any good organization. He is a high performer that is willing to take on any task to make the organization succeed.” John Gunether – Territory Manager/ Sales Representative at Gaco Western